Balloon Festival

May 31, 2023 | English, Eventos, Nuestra Gente

Greetings Fellow Lions,

Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon? As the 5th Dimension sang in Up Up and Away, Lions have the opportunity to do just that at the Balloon Festival at the Flying W Airport and Resort 60 Fostertown Road, Medford N.J. 07055. The Festival will take place from Friday June 16 through Sunday June 18, 2023.

There will be live entertainment, food trucks a play area for children, and balloon rides both tethered and non-tethered.

Bring your family and friends out to this fun filled event. Click here for the flyer

Festival de Globos

Lions volunteers are needed for all 3 days of this event. Please contact:

Council Chair Bob Friedel at 609-220-1119 or [email protected]
State Office Manager Kartika Gupta, at [email protected]
Volunteer coordinator PCC Jack Romano at 551-84-1054 or at [email protected]

For more information log on to:

Yours in Service,
Lion Jack Romano

Ruth Molenaar

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