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Mar 15, 2023 | Arte, English


MAR 10 – APR 15, 2023
Opening Reception Friday, March 10
5:30 – 8:30pm (Rumba afterwards)

We at iMPeRFeCT Gallery, don’t have a standard or conventional way of doing things, including choosing our exhibitions, we go with the flow and follow our gut sometimes, so when artist Vivian Lehrer walked in with a glint in her eyes and told us about her idea of having an open call to artists that share her passion, we were immediately captivated, and coming from our deep belief that many of our society’s problems stem from our disconnection from Mother Nature, we jumped on it and turned the gallery over to her vision.

We are delighted to invite you to the opening reception for «ephemeral partner» an exhibition of 22 artists, some local some not, who have come together to transform the gallery with their common efforts to question the notion of human mastery and dominion over the rest of the natural world, our true womb, and imagine reverent ways of walking with each other and this planet.. We hope to move you, to inspire you, to reflect… before its too late…

We’re excited to also have sculptures outside the gallery for everyone to see, plus there are LOTS of events planned until April 15, so scroll down, take a look at our Calendar and we hope you can join us sometime!

Renny & Rocio


Mar 10 – Apr 15, 2023
For details on these events please visit our website Calendar
Friday, Mar 10     5:30pm – 11ish
Opening Reception & Rumba
The reception will go on til about 8:30pm, then the lights will go out for Friday Night Rumba.Saturday, Mar 11    7:30-11:30pm
Raji Malik Concert & World Music Dance Party w/DJ Lina Luv
Raji Malik hopes his meditative, modern fingerstyle guitar vibes will reduce your stress and center you in the ground (til 9:30pm) and when he’s done, DJ Lina Luv will create a space for you to feel the love, the ecstasy, the connection and the healing on the dance floor.   Suggested donation $25Wednesday, Mar 15   7-9pm 
Artist Talk
Join for a conversation with the exhibiting artists of «ephemeral partner», moderated by Matt Speedy.Friday, Mar 17   8-11pm 
Friday Night Rumba
Rumbas are informal gatherings of musicians and music enthusiasts of many nationalities, all united by their love of this Afro Cuban tradition. We drum, sing, dance and share food and drinks. Rumbas are NOT performances, they’re an immersive experience, free and open to the public. People trickle in starting at 8pm, Rumba starts when there are enough drummers. Donations are appreciated.Saturday, Mar 18     10am-12:30pm
Writers’ Circle
Join us on a Saturday morning, get inspired and let your writing juices flow. Writer session hosted and lead by Khaliah D Pitts. Follow her prompts, sip some coffee, spark up… 😊  Get inspired by the artworks in the current exhibition, hopefully you’ll share your work with each other. Donations accepted

Saturday, Mar 18    8-11pm
LIGHTWORKS Jazz & Soul Jam
LIGHTWORKS is a jazz & soul trio of Philadelphia based musicians Margel Overton, Ray Bailey & Harry Metz. Their lush grooves with flavorful piano, full-bodied bass, and expressive “in-the-pocket” drums, provide an intimate, yet animated aesthetic and the groundwork for improvisation. You’re welcome to bring an instrument and join the groove!  Brought to you by Kaang Tha Groove.   Suggested Donation $10

Thursday, Mar 23    7:30 – 9:30pm
The Eris Quartet Spring Tour
The Ἔrιs Quartet” from Oberlin, Ohio, will make a stop in Philly touring their new program: «Paintings, Songs, and Dances», a presentation of contemporary string quartet repertoire, through the lens of interdisciplinary performance, highlighting major string quartet works of the 21st century.   Suggested donation $30

Friday, Mar 24    8-11pm
Friday Night Rumba

See above

Saturday, Mar 25     8pm – Midnight   
Groove ‘n Chill 
OLUWAFEMI is not just an awesome visual artist. he’s also a renown DJ and Rhythmist, he returns to iMPeRFeCT to fill the evening with his groovy tunes to which you’ll surrender your body. We’re enjoying these nights so much, we’ll have them regularly now. Sweat will happen!   Suggested Donation $10

Thursday, Mar 30 – Thursday, April 6 
There will be no gallery hours this week

Friday, Mar 31
NO Friday Night Rumba

Gallery is closed this Friday.

Monday, April 3     7pm – 9:30pm
Dear Nora
Amazing songstress Katy Davidson from Portland OR, brings their brand of queer folk rock to Germantown in Philadelphia with Birdie Busch and featuring a set from brand new Karl Blau fronted band Opal Eskar, for a night to remember.  Suggested Donation $15

Friday, April 7    5:30 – 11:30pm   
Passover Seder & Rumba de Cajon 
Starting at 5:30pm til 8pm, Passover Seder dinner led by Rabbi Ezra Weinberg – all are welcome regardless of religious background. Advance tickets required – details + tickets here. Dinner will be followed by Santeria Chanting and a Rumba de Cajon (Afro-Cuban sessions played on wood boxes) from 8pm til 11:30ish(no RSVP needed for Rumba).  Suggested Donation $10

Saturday, April 8    6:30 – 9pm 
Staging INTiMaCY with Mugwort & Shawn Hennessy Concert
6:30-7:30p: Activation of the art project Staging iNTiMaCY with Mugwort with an interactive performance by exhibting artist andea haenggi from Brooklyn, plant Mugwort + guests. 7:30pShawn Hennessey concert, where he’ll preview songs from his new album “HEALING”, out on June 7.    $25 suggested

Wednesday, Apr 12     7 – 9pm
Poetry & Journalism Show
Join us for an evening of poetry and journalism with Germantown Info Hub and Love Now Media. Curated by Maleka Fruean.

Friday, April 14    5:30 – 8:30pm   
«Death Cafe» Potluck
A «Death Cafe» event gives us a chance to gather for a meal and cake, and talk openly and honestly about death and loss.  Breaking the taboo around mortality helps illuminate our lives and how we live them. The conversation is very informal, with everyone given the opportunity to speak as much or as little as they would like.  Please RSVP, SPACE IS LIMITED TO 30 – advance registration required here. After the dinner, (around 8:30p) you’re invited to stay for Friday Night Rumba.

Friday, Apr 14    8-11pm
Friday Night Rumba

See above

Saturday, Apr 15     11:30am – 1pm
Asking The Light: Anthotype Workshop
On this closing day, join us for an Anthotype-making workshop with exhibiting artist Elizabeth Shores. Following a brief slide presentation where we ask, «Who or What is a person?», each workshop participant will create their own photograph made using locally-foraged photosensitive plants. Donations are appreciated.

Saturday, Apr 15     7:30 – 9:30pm
Closing Day Open Mic/Open Floor 

Open mic/open floor. All creative forms, sign up at door. Hosted by exhibiting artist & musician Erik Kramer. $15 suggested donation


These Shoulders Here!  2023
by Rosalind Nzinga
Ruth Molenaar

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