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Ene 26, 2023 | Arte, Educación, English, Nuestra Gente

Imperfect Gallery

JAN 27 – FEB 25, 2023
Opening Reception Friday, Jan. 27
5 – 8:30pm

You are cordially invited to join us at iMPeRFeCT Gallery for the opening reception for four new exhibitions, this Friday, Jan 27 (5-8:30pm). Four great reasons to visit!

First up, in the FRoNTRooM, the winner of Best in Show in last year’s Germantown Photo Show, photographer Terrell Halsey, returns with his own solo show «Ascend: Beyond the Veil». His keen eye and a heart in the right place, drive this street photography project in Philadelphia.

Renny Molenaar will do something very uncommon around here, he’ll be showing some of his «Lighter Statements» on 10ft all black American military flags, in THe BaCKRooM of the gallery. This series belongs to the larger body of work known as «The Disappointing Patriotic Artworks».

THe GReaT GLaSS eLeVaToR, our project room, welcomes Kaang Tha Groove and his installation «PNDH Peace Zen Garden», sand and all, sounds intriguing!! And lastly but never least, Baron Roane is taking on the ReDRooM with «My Life As a Box». We’re just gonna let your imagination run with that one, come see it!

The lights will go out and Friday Night Rumba will go on after the reception this Friday. Scroll all the way down for info on an exciting Coffee, Music and Art event, happening the day after the opening reception and in collaboration with Germantown Espresso Bar. Stay tuned for the Events Calendar coming soon…

Happy Winter! ❄️

Imperfect Gallery



This exhibition centers everyday Black life through conceptual street photography. Ascend explores the contemporary Black experience, Black consciousness, and imaginative Black futures through everyday Black life in Center City Philadelphia.
Black and white street photography serves as visual stories that paint realities but also allow space for reflection, poetry, and conception. These subjects serve as pieces & stories of a people who have had to be resilient, who have had to survive, and who have had to be creative and fight to progress. In these subjects Terrell sees pieces of humanity and society, as well as pieces of himself. Taking place in Center City, Philadelphia the project often integrates the historic backdrop within its framework.

IG @terrellhalseyart

Imperfect Gallery


RENNY MOLENAAR «Lighter Statements»

«My use of discarded lighters to make «Lighter Statements» on all black American tactical military flags, are my attempts at story telling. All objects have memory and meaning… and lighters are funny like that… the petro, the colors, the fire, hand to mouth, hand to mouth… The touch, the words, the pictures, the objects, the symbols…The stories are not mine and the meaning of life is not political… and the black flags…» RM

IG @rennymolenaar

Imperfect Gallery



KAANG is Philly born Groovologist.
Who’s known for bringing sounds and ideas to music , canvas, walls and even cars.
He’s an oldskool car builder by trait.
Also an admirer of flowers and colors.
He is a printed illustrator whose work is featured in the Revive Local paper monthly.
The segment is called OurStory.
He loves pandas which inspired his brand pink Panda.
His paintings are sold in store at Es Cafe

IG @kaanggrooviin
Twitter @kaanggrooviin

Imperfect Gallery


BARON ROANE «My Life As A Box»
In THe ReDRooM


Imperfect Gallery


Saturday Jan 28 8pm
The day after our new exhibitions open, iMPeRFeCT welcomes back our friends Jeff & Miles from Germantown Espresso Bar, the curators of Coffee, Music and Art Night. We miss them so! but we are fortunate to have them back while they go through a new location transition. They’re bringing their brews and a great mix of local musicians to sweeten your night!! If you’ve been to one of them, you know how cool the vibe is, if you haven’t, check it out, join us! Suggested donation $10


New Gallery Hours

Thu. 1 – 5pm
Fri. 4 – 8pm
Sat. 1 – 5pm
Plus lotsa programming time!
Check our website Calendar

Ruth Molenaar

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