iMPeRFeCT Gallery- New Exhibitions

Oct 29, 2021 | Arte, English, Eventos, Nuestra Gente

iMPeRFeCT Gallery New Exhibitions

iMPeRFeCT Gallery is elated to share some great news!!! First, we are opening two new exhibitions this coming week, one by Beth Emmott, who brings us her nature inspired, reflection inducing paintings and fiber works to the main gallery. In THe GReaT GLaSS eLeVaToR, our installation room, Dove Nasir will lead you into his world of self exploration through his photography. We invite you to come and celebrate their work with us on Saturday, Oct 30 (6-9pm)

Aaaand… iMPeRFeCT is expanding! Yeah, you read right, we have acquired an additional space, the iMPeRFeCT Gallery Studio, just two doors down from the gallery. We hope to use it for activities or events that are not always conducive in a gallery setting. We are inaugurating the Studio with an exciting collaboration with Painted Bride Art Center, by hosting and exhibition and a performance by Terrell Halsey & Nina Elizabeth “Lyrispect” Ball respectively.

The receptions for both exhibitions are on the same evening, so you come to one gallery and then hop to the other, Germantown Ave. will be poppin’!!

Happy Fall everyone,
Renny & Rocio

Ruth Molenaar

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