iMPeRFeCT turns 10 in June!!!

May 31, 2022 | Arte, Nuestra Gente

Wait whaat?!?! 10??? How…

Were we having so much fun, that time just flew?!?! Yup and we hope you did too. It’s been lots of fun, also meaningful, challenging, exhilarating, exhausting, inspiring, stressful and very very worth it! And after everything we have all been through, iMPeRFeCT IS STILL HERE! Ready to celebrate with you all, now and in the Fall.

Mark your calendars, festivities will start on Saturday, June 4th, the same way they started back in 2012, with no nonsense, life affirming art, no frills, lotsa love. We are honored to mark this milestone with 3 new outstanding exhibitions by photographers Sheldon Omar-Abba and Mateus Kaplan, and Ben Peterson’s ceramic works in the ReDRooM. Please join us for the opening reception from 6-9pm.

Stay tuned for more events this coming month!
R & R

Ruth Molenaar

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