Harmonic Healing Sounds Activations during the Olympics Celebrations in Japan – from Friday, July 23 to Sunday, August 8, 2021.

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By: Jay Emmanuel Morales, A.K., N.S., V.M.

The Olympic Torch Flame

The Olympic Torch Flame

The Olympic Games were a very important event that began in the southwest of Ancient Greece for more than 2,700 years in 776 BC. C., lasted until 393 d. C. and the celebration of this important event continues to influence modern civilizations and takes place every 4 years in different countries of the world.

In Ancient Greece, before the Olympics began, messengers were sent to announce a «holy truce» with the intention of activating peace. This meant that any war had to be canceled so that people could safely travel to Olympia and participate and enjoy this important event. This was the most important sporting event on the ancient Greek calendar and every four years around 50,000 people came from different parts of the Greek world to participate and witness this event.

Ancient Greece Olympics Games Illustration

Ancient Greece Olympics Games Illustration

The original Olympic Games also included music, singing, public speaking, dancing, and theatrical performances and competitions. The modern games today have a more expansive athletic agenda, and for two and a half weeks they are supposed to replace resentment and international conflicts with friendly competitions and with the purpose of helping to establish better diplomatic relations between the different countries and nations that participate in this event.

The Olympic Games of this XXI century, July 2021, will be held in Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa and Saitama in Japan in the midst of «The Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19)» and which continue to seriously affect humanity around the planet for more than one and a half year. However, this celebration will not be canceled and only a minimum number of spectators will be allowed in the venues where the events will take place.

In Ancient Greece, around 50,000 people attended and witnessed this event; however, today where technology and modern communication systems dominate, millions of people from different countries of the world will be able to witness this important event.
Humanity is currently facing great social, economic, political, religious, and health systems challenges (The COVID-19 Pandemic): And one of the most serious, the ecological changes «Global Warming» that is affecting the lives of all beings that inhabit Planet Earth.

These 2021 Olympics, which will be held in Japan, are a great opportunity to unite our minds and hearts with the aim of manifesting peace, harmony and to activate vibratory frequencies and healing energy in all beings that inhabit the planet and with the objective of helping heal the people and the ecology of our Mother Earth. It is also an excellent occasion for humanity to come together in a consciousness of cooperation, unity and compassion by carrying out projects and events that contribute to raising the collective vibrational frequency of all humanity.

Beginning the first day of the Olympics Games in Japan and during the following days that the Olympic events continue to take place, everyone in the world is invited to play crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, didgeridoos, native drums from all parts of the world, or any other instruments, wherever you are, and especially at sunrise and sunset, so a continuous vibrational frequency wave of peace, harmony and healing energy is activated circling the planet throughout the Games.

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls


There will also be special singing bowl events with guidance by the facilitators Ms. Donna Tsufura – El Dayako (Entelechy Agent for people, organizations, companies and the community of nations for a better future for humanity), Rev. Susana Bastarrica (Founder of the Vigil for World Peace and Ecology in New York City), Lupito (William Jones, founder and CEO of Crystal Tones (Producers of the finest Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls in the world), Rafael Benedicto (Sound Healer Practitioner), Master Anna Yan Zheng and Master Xing Hu Griffith (Qi gong Healing Masters and Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Healers Facilitators), Rev. Bonny Hughes (Founder of the Circle of Love and Light Healing Ministry), Mrs. Ruth Molenaar (Founder and Editor of “La Tribuna Newspaper” Dean of the Hispanic Press in USA, Latin America and Europe), Master Maggie Luo (Qi Gong Healing Master, Yoga Teacher & Sound Healer Practitioner), Glenda Patricia Gonzalez (Andean Shamanic Healer Practitioner & Sound Healer Facilitator), Victoria Feliz (Yoga Teacher & Sound Healer Practitioner), Carlos Cuellar Brown (Music Therapist, Social Worker & Sound Healing Facilitator), Christina Salavec (Sound Healer Facilitator, Yoga Teacher and Native Medicine Practitioner), Jacqueline Disla (Holistic Wellness Center Facilitator and Energy Healer Master) Wilbert Moeusebio (Physical Therapist & Sound Healing Practitioner), Palmira Ubinas (Founder of AIPEH, Inc., International Association of Hispanic Poets and Writers, Arts and Culture), Robert L. Slaughter (Founder of the Olympic of the Arts Foundation), Clara Hidalgo (Sound Healer Practitioner & Andean Shamanic Healing Practitioner), Peter Sobczak (Acoustic Sounds Physicist, Scientist, engineer, researcher, Inventor and Sound Healer Practitioner) and Jay Emmanuel, A.K., N.S., V.M. (Founder of «The Power of Harmony Organization, Health and Global Wellness Network» and “JEMM Natural Harmonic Life Institute”).

We will begin by performing in different places and through different public means “The Sound Healing Activations” using the Pure Quartz Alchemist Crystal Singing bowls, through the power of the voice, the mind, positive affirmations, prayers and mantras. We also exhort all people who have crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, didgeridoos, native North & South American Flutes and other instruments, and also through the power of vocal sounds, chants, mantras and prayers to join with us in activating a gigantic and powerful global chain that will generate a powerful vibratory frequencie that will diffuse the healing energy of peace, love, harmony and divine order throughout Planet Earth.


Affirmations and Prayers for Manifesting Healing Energy on Earth & To Activate the Healing Forces of Mother Nature in our Body, Mind and Spirit.

Healing Forces of Mother Nature

We can change and neutralize any type of disharmonious and negative energy that can affect our lives and the lives of all sentient beings on Planet Earth, if we unify our hearts and minds through prayers, positive affirmations, reciting mantras, through creative visualization and through “Harmonic Healing Sound Activations” just a few minutes every day. It will transform your life and the lives of all your fellow beings… J.E.M.

The power is within each one of us

The power is within each one of us, in our hearts and minds to manifest healing in every sub-atom, atom, molecule, and cell of our body, energy body and spirit, and also to heal the planet and to create a better world! J.E.M.

Thoughts are the essence of human creation, so it would seem that thoughts are your medium of travel, manifesting and healing. One thought is as powerful as the whole universe. One thought, One mind, unify consciousness. One thought can manifest into an illness of disease. One thought can erase it. The power of your mind knows no limit. The words and thoughts are tremendous VIBRATORY FORCE, ever molding man’s body and affairs. Good will produce a great aura of protection around those who send it, and there will be peace, love, harmony, prosperity and protection for those who send good will to others. Love is a cosmic phenomenon. Real love is selfless and free from fear. Love is God in manifestation and the strongest magnetic force in the universe.

Love is God

We are living in a new Millennium confronting many drastic changes. The energy generated by our mind and heart is very powerful. Everything takes form in our heart and mind. We are what we think. All that we are arises from our thoughts; with our thoughts we made the word. I we unify our Mind Mental Power to send thoughts of Peace, Love, Harmony, Good Will, prosperity and collective healing energy to all humanity, “We will contribute to Heal the Planet and to Create a better world.” “Positive affirmations of Peace, love, harmony for collective healing and prosperity” = “Helps neutralize and prevent chaos.”

The spiritual mind

The spiritual mind influences the realization of our goals, and through the earthly mind goals and objectives are materialized on a physical level. J.E.M.

power in our heart and mind

We have the power in our heart and mind to heal our body, mind, and spirit and also to help heal the life of all beings on Earth. We need to be aware of this powerful energy that resides inside each one of us. However, sometimes we thing that we are helpless, but we are not.

The power of the mind

The power of the mind through positive thoughts, affirmations, prayers, matras and sound healing activations can transform your life and transform and heal the world. J.E.M.


When we consciously use positive thoughts, affirmations, prayers, mantras, creative visualization, sound healing activations and meditation, we activate the power to release the emotions of fear. Do not oscillate between faith and fear. If you allow the emotions of fear to control you, you are giving the dark forces and the lower astral entities energy and more power.

The Universal Creative Intelligence or God did not give us a spirit of fear but of love, power and self-discipline. The whole secret of our existence is to have not fear but to know that the power is within each one of us; “The I am that I am”; Witch means, as God is in Heaven, God is also inside me. I am here below that which I am above. God is in every sub-atom, atom, molecule and cell of my heart, mind, body and spirit…

Daily Affirmation

There is only one mind and life and that is the Reality of Being. It is Whole, in perfect balance and harmonious. It is the structure of existence. And it is the basis for our personal existence and experience right now.

We express the beauty, order and symmetry of the Spirit. It appears in our health as increased vigor, well-being and clear thinking. In our financial supply it manifests as increasing abundance. In every relationship it expresses as deepened understanding and harmonious relationships. As creative being our insight are stimulated by the spiritual ideas that always project through us.

We are in state of serenity. Our life is in order. We express only the beautiful, the good and the true. We are fulfilled and content. All things are joyous in our world.

Our eyes are open, now we see. Fullness of truth revealed to us. Our heart now holds the wonderful key. That opened our mind and made us free. Joyously now love works for us. Ready my God, my good to be. Our eyes are open, now we see Spirit Divine…!


Affirmation for Universal Cosmic Healing.

May all sentient beings be free from suffering,
May all sentient beings be free of fear, doubts and insecurities,
May all sentient beings be free from illnesses and COVID-19,
May all sentient beings have peace,
May all sentient beings know happiness,
May all sentient beings be free…

Universal Cosmic Healing


After doing affirmations, prayers, mantras, creative visualizations and the Sound Healing Activations, meditate knowing that The Universal Power is within you to manifest peace, harmony, prosperity, divine protection, healing energy and divine order within you, around you and on Earth. J.E.M.

healing energy and divine order

In these challenging times that we are living, the universe is telling you, be true to yourself, discern what you want your soul to express, find your own power, and fulfill your spiritual destiny in a creative, productive, positive and joyous ways. Trust yourself more and know that the power is within you, in every atom, molecule and cell of your divine being… J.E.M.

Healing Forces of Harmonic Sounds

The Healing Forces of Harmonic Sounds and Vibrations

Open your heart to the power of vibrations, Open your mind to the power harmonic sounds, everything in the Universe is in state of vibrations, Reflection of light consciousness of God and your Soul. Harmonic frequencies turn into light, and seven colors a rainbow form and all the spaces are filled with love, the strongest force in all the universe. J.E.M.

Universal Creative Intelligence or God

May the Faith of the Universal Creative Intelligence or God be with you this year and every day of your life…
May the Peace, Love, Protection, Guidance and light of the Universal Creative Intelligence or God Surround you and protect you this year and every day of your life.
And may you be blessed with wisdom, good health, prosperity and much joy this year and each day of your life…
May Peace, love, harmony, honesty, good health, prosperity and good will be activated in the hearts and minds of all people on Earth…

Power of Harmony Organization

“The Power of Harmony Organization, Health & Global Wellness Network.”
“JEMM Natural Harmonic Life Institute.”

Jay Emmanuel Morales, A.K., N.S., V.M.
P. O. Box 2618, New York, N.Y.10108-2618
Tel: (212) 465-8163, Tel: C. (646) 288-7915
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