The Moment to Lead is NOW

Sep 23, 2021 | Arte, Educación, English, Nuestra Gente

In our world of constant technological and generational change, successful leadership requires transparency, parity, collaboration, and genuine connection with employees and customers. Leadership expert Michelle Ray shows you how to shift your thinking around leadership to become effective in real time, and ready for the inevitable disruptions to come.

Packed with case stories, interviews, and real-life examples from Ray’s experience as a leader, international business speaker and educator, you’ll learn:

• How to identify and strengthen eight essential traits of a real time leader
• How to nurture authentic connections with the people you lead
• Why meaning is new motivation for the changing workforce
• How to improve your accountability and credibility quotient
Whether you are a tenured leader or just beginning your journey, it’s time to adopt a forward-thinking, future-ready leadership approach to remain responsive, ready and relevant. It’s time to start Leading in Real Time.


You can find Michelle Ray’s Leading In Real Time with the following retailers: Amazon USA, Amazon Canada, Barnes and Noble, BAM (Book a Millions), Booktopia, McNally Robinson, Indie Bound.

Ruth Molenaar

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