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Ene 27, 2023 | Arte, English, Eventos, Nuestra Gente

Jan 27 – Feb 25, 2023


TERRELL HALSEY «Ascend: Beyond The Veil»

RENNY MOLENAAR «Lighter Statements»


BARON ROANE «My Life As a Box»

Friday, Jan 27 5 – 8:30pm

Opening Reception & Rumba

Join us for the opening reception for the new exhibitions, four great reasons to visit! The lights will go out around 8:30 and Friday Night Rumba will go on after the reception until… 11ish

Saturday, Jan 28   Doors open 8pm

Germantown Espresso Bar presents:

An Evening of Coffee, Music & Art
Our friends Jeff & Miles from GEB are back to share warm vibes as these days get chilly. They’ll host an open mic/open art jam with special musical guests!!! Sign ups will begin at 8 o’clock and will be ongoing throughout the night. Suggested donation at the door $10 but not turning anyone away.

Friday, Feb 3    8-11pm

Friday Night Rumba

Rumbas are informal gatherings of musicians and music enthusiasts of many nationalities, all united by our love of this Afro Cuban tradition. We drum, sing, dance and share food and drinks. Rumbas are NOT performances, they’re an immersive experience, free and open to the public. Donations are appreciated.

Friday, Feb 10   8-11pm

Friday Night Rumba

See above

Saturday, Feb 11, 8pm – Midnight

Groove & Chill: A night of groovy chtunes

Oluwafemi returns as a DJ this time to spin the finest DANCE music. Sweat will happen! Suggested Donation $10

Friday, Feb 17     8-11pm

Friday Night Rumba

See above

Wednesday, Feb 22    7pm

The iMPeRFeCT Table with Renny & Rocio

Come break some bread with us! More info soon…
$30 per person

Friday, Feb 24    8-11pm

Afro Cuban Rumba

See above

Saturday, Feb 25,    5-8pm

Artist Talk & Closing Reception

Hear from all the exhibiting artist, celebrate them, ask questions, sip some wine and party!

New Gallery Hours

Thu. 1 – 5pm
Fri. 4 – 8pm
Sat. 1 – 5pm
Plus lotsa programming time!

Ruth Molenaar

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