Dic 24, 2021 | Arte, English

We are literally months away
from our 10th Anniversary…

Who would’ve thunk? Two crazy, passionate artists in the middle of the financial crisis, with a solid plan (“beg, borrow and steal”) and somehow… here we are. Thank you for believing in us Germantown, Thank You to all the artists, for your invaluable trust, and Thank You friends, old and new… for supporting us, even while closed, but we are not looking back, we are very excited about everything that is happening and all that is to come.

In the meantime, back at the ranch, we have to keep the ship going, along with our new additional multi-purpose space next door (More to come), we have to keep our ducks in a flow. It is with that spirit, that we begin our Year End Campaign, to once again request your support. Our ambitious, maybe miraculous goal this year is $20,000.

Imperfect Gallery

Please help iMPeRFeCT Gallery get to its 10th Anniversary this June 23. There is no such thing as a small contribution… it is all love and support, and that energy helps to bring everything else into place.
Stay safe…
Renny & Rocio


We are deeply grateful to all the folks that have contributed to our End of Year Campaign so far. We’re up to $3,840 of our $20,000 goal in just one week! We are almost 10 yrs old, we’re committed and resilient, if you appreciate the work iMPeRFeCT Gallery does and haven’t had a chance to yet, please consider supporting our efforts to let artists express themselves freely, to bring art, music and people together and build community.

Ruth Molenaar

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