The 11th Annual Germantown Show

Oct 23, 2023 | Arte, English, Nuestra Gente


The 11th Annual Germantown Show
Closing Reception • Saturday, Nov 4, 4-6pm

If you know iMPeRFeCT Gallery, you know we don’t close our exhibitions quietly, nope… we party till the end! And in that spirit, we invite you to the closing reception for WTF Show, featuring the works of the 123 artists who responded to this annual Open Call. Join us as we celebrate this memorable exhibition and its artists.

Imperfect Gallery

Most artworks are for sale, so if you like something, just ask to see the price list, you’ll be surprised how affordable and rewarding living with art can be while also helping living artists thrive and supporting your neighborhood gallery. You don’t have to become a serious collector, just get one piece a year, you’ll see, it will make a difference all around.
We are living through difficult times, art can sometimes help us cope. We hope you get to come out this weekend, below are the events for the last 2 days and more.

Imperfect Gallery

Love, R & R

Imperfect Gallery

Imperfect Gallery


Friday, Nov. 3 8pm – 11pm
Friday Night Rumba $10 Suggested
Rumbas are held the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month. They are Afro-Cuban percussion jam sessions that keep this tradition that celebrates life through song and dance, alive. Rumbas are NOT performances, they’re an immersive experience, we share food, drinks and joy! Donations are appreciated.

Saturday, Nov 4 2 Events
Closing Reception 3pm-5pm
Join us as we celebrate this memorable exhibition and its artists. We encourage exhibiting artists to attend!


9pm-1am $15 Suggested
OLUWAFEMI returns to iMPeRFeCT to close the 11th Annual with a bang! Come dance the night away to his groovy world sounds. @t.moniq will be there serving up her delish groovy cocktails.

Imperfect Gallery

Ruth Molenaar

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